Human beings have three states of mind. They are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and unconscious mind. All the three minds, play an important role in the development of a particular human being, and thus, they should be properly nurtured, for a good living. Before going into the details, you should definitely know the different states of mind, and the time when they are mostly active. All the three states of mind are interconnected to each other, and one of them become dominant over the other at different time of the day, and under different circumstances, which are related to physical or mental health.
The three states of human mind and the details

The conscious mind 

The conscious mind is a state of mind, which is always active, when you are awake. When you are talking, doing some work, or doing any other everyday activities, it is the conscious mind, which helps in those cases. But if you listen to something, which you are not interested in, or you forgot something, it no longer becomes a part of the conscious mind. For example, if you are doing some task, and you hear some other people are talking behind your back about something else, you will not pay attention to that. Here in lies the importance of subconscious mind.

The subconscious and unconscious mind

The subconscious mind paying attention to those, which your conscious mind doesn’t pay attention to. The subconscious mind might record the conversation in the brain, and the brain might work with that amount of information, when the conscious mind is not working, that means it would work when you are sleeping. It is the reason, why you watch dreams, which are not related to your reality, and many of them are related to something which you have seen, but did not pay attention to. The unconscious mind is the state of mind, which act as the tank for all your feelings, or he determine how you are as a person.

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