Sometimes the best ideas come to us when we are in our sleep. Usually some best ideas takes place in the mind when we are in our sleep and it vanishes when we wake. It is as if like a person had a piece of cake but didn’t get a chance to eat it. There are several ways by which we can control our state of mind, utilize it and gain mental strength. Ways through which we can control and take advantage of our subconscious mind. These sleepy thoughts if channelized properly we can increase our mental strength. With the proper kind of focus anyone can trap these ideas. 
Subconscious mind and free writing


It’s a state of mind when a person may have clear dreams or hallucinations. It’s that time when someone experiences bizarre dreams and all good ideas pour into the mind. This state can be utilized for creativity and oiginality. It can be considered as one of the most essential tool. It is generally an exchange state in between sleep and wakefulness.  

Writing under hypnagogia state

Using this state and writing is the best way to experiment with your imagination and storytelling. Total freedom in creativity is insured. There are no barriers because everything depends on our mental power to utilize this state of mind in terms of writing. People hardly care whether the sentences make sense when writing under this state of mind because when in half sleep people willingly take more chances. They don’t care about if any other person likes or understands what they have written.

Accessing Hypanagogia 

This state is not easy to attain. When a person wants to gain this state it is sensible to relax and focus to achieve this state. Attainment of this state can turn out to be a little bit tricky. A person really needs to relax but not fall into a profound sleep. 

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