"Don't you have a mind? Do you mind? Don't mind?" are some of the most common phrases we hear almost every day and these are related to various situations. 
The mind is used to convey many expressions in our daily life through its usage in various sentences. The mind is a mystery still unraveling and holds a power of unaccountable strength.
Know about Subconscious Mind Power

What is Mind?

The mind is often related to the brain. But there is more to the word than meets the eye. Mind helps us to think, it forms your thoughts and helps you to decipher the meaning. Listening to others and forming an apt reply to different opinions and views, are works that our mind engages in. The mind is more than an organ. It is the closet where we keep the roots of our existence engulfed in perceptive thoughts. It helps us to grow, develop and gives humans more power over other living beings. 

What is sub-consciousness?

A heavy word to understand and an abstract concept, most learned men had said that mind works in two ways consciously and subconsciously. Well, the conscious working of mind is relatively easy to understand. But when we are sleeping or not active, our mind works on its own, subconsciously without your awareness.  But then it really hard for a normal person to understand about subconscious mind so in this case, if you have any issues with your mind, then you should visit an expert doctor so that he can help you out with your problems and give you proper directions for your aid.


Dreams are one of the most common words you hear daily and it is a state, which creates dreams. A much debated and interesting topic for many, this topic holds the foremost lead in abstract research and psychiatry. Along with many other branches of study, subconscious mind power is being studied extensively.

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