There are many who boast that they have total self-control. However, we’ve little control on the ways we act and all of our actions have a driving force behind them. Whenever you contemplate ahead of acting in a way or arriving at any decision, you use your conscious mind. However, in the walk of life, you take diverse actions at every instant and every stride. 
However, all such actions don’t always come from your conscious decisions and your subconscious being also has a role to play. The actions that your subconscious mind controls are not within your control.
How does our Subconscious Mind affect our behavior?

Your subconscious being mostly driven how you behave

Though your conscious mind executes definite tasks the greater part of such actions do depend on the subconscious. They resemble reflex actions in some ways and yet vary in numerous ways. Talking about reflex actions, you could be surrounded by some actions/ disturbances, and without you realizing it your human body reacts to the disturbance. However, right following the reflex action of your body, you understand the way your body had responded. Nevertheless, when your subconscious is in control, generally, your conscious being does not know that you’ve reacted to any subconscious prompt.

How your Subconscious being affected your Behavior & Thoughts

Your subconscious being has a catalog of items that includes matters you aren’t all right with. Such matters are of two classes. 
The first includes matters that you’re at ease and with and you have no problem in stating that it isn’t all right for you or stating anything else 
The next includes matters that you find intricate and matters that make you hurt. These consist of being hurt about your drawbacks and more and feeling embarrassed about accepting them.

Pain points and uncontrollable actions

The matters in the second class made you create some opinions regarding yourself when you were a kid and subsequently such thoughts got underpinned into your subconscious being. 
Such matters make your subconscious/unconscious pain points.
While experiencing such pain points, you’re overwhelmed with weird senses and you have no control on your responses. In such circumstances, you turn totally powerless in the ways you act. You become completely driven and act in uncontrolled ways. 

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