It is not easy to control the subconscious mind; it is a very tough and tricky task. With the right amount of dedication one can achieve this state of mind where it is possible to control over the subconscious mind. Researches show that it is not cent percent possible to control our mind but some way outs are there which can be of great help to us. Among them exercising can be of great help. Any kind of physical exercise can really help our body and brain to function properly. Even a meditation for 5 minutes can be useful but it’s important to set up a goal.
Exercises to control subconscious mind and increase mental strength

Exercises can be of great help

Any kind of exercise can turn out to be of great help. It is advisable to set a goal first and to plan the exercises to be done. Morning walk or jogging can be of great help to control the subconscious mind. It is advisable to wear proper and comfortable clothes while exercise. Shoes should also be worn right so that any kind of injury is not faced. Correct postures of exercises should be maintained when exercising. A beginner should start with the session length of thirty minutes. Special care is to be given to the postures when stretching. Any kind of pain or hurt shouldn’t be neglected and care must be taken while performing any kind of exercises. Exercises should be done with full focus and the breathing mechanism is of much importance. Special care must be taken in the inhale and exhale mechanism of breathing.  


Exercises consisting of cardio can be of great help. It is advisable to stretch before and after of the session length to avoid any kind of injury. Free hand exercises when done with full concentration can be turn out to be a blessing to enhance the mental strength. People with any kind of health issues should first consult the doctor.

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