Occasionally the subconscious mind can be stirring because it processes unconscious choices. Researchers and study show that it is not entirely promising to control over the subconscious mind but there are some ways through which we can boost our mental strength and keep our subconscious mind in control. Meditating is one of the most powerful way by which one can control subs consciousness and able to have mental peace. It is regarded as the most powerful weapon for increasing mental strength.
Controlling subconscious mind through meditation

Preparation to meditate

Before a person starts this way of controlling subconscious mind it is sensible to fix the length of the session.  For a beginner, it is advisable to fix five minutes as the length of the session.  The environment should be very undisturbed and quiet. No sort of diversion should take place. Comfortable clothes should be worn throughout the meditation. Location of meditation should be selective.  The person should sit on the floor and should preserve a correct posture. The posture should be straight. The back should be straight. The natural curve of the spine should be there.

Breathing mechanism

After sitting in this position the person should gradually close the eyes and focus completely on the breathing mechanism. The total focus should be given to inhale and exhale mechanism of breathing. The mind will start wandering as the person starts to meditate and relax in this posture. It is a very helpful and easiest way to control and gain through the subconscious mind. Gradually and silently thoughts from the subconscious mind will creep into the conscious mind. These thoughts should be allowed to pass and not controlled. When realized that the mind has wandered a lot it is advisable to move your attention towards breathing technique. The process should be repeated until the session is completed. It is advisable to increase the length of the session slowly to get comfortable with meditation.

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