If you are related to computers or electronic gadgets in some way or the other, you can find a similarity between those electronic gadgets and human mind. In case of a computer, you give inputs with the help of a keyboard and a mouse, which is processed by the central processing unit, and the outputs are generated on the monitor or a printer. In the same way, the conscious mind in human beings act as the input and output units, whereas the subconscious mind acts as a central processing unit, which is the most important part. Thus, if you want to strengthen your subconscious mind, you can do a few exercises.

A few of the exercises for making subconscious mind strong

Playing number games

Sudoku is one of the most popular games, which is played by a lot of people. A lot of people are also interested in the game, as the thing the game is not interesting, tough, or the thing that it is not going to help them in any way. But that is completely wrong. If you keep on playing the numbers game for multiple hours, it will keep the subconscious mind busy. The conscious mind just has a look at the numbers, and the subconscious mind does the rest. Thus, if you keep the subconscious mind busy is something productive it is really going to give you mental fertility that surely going to fetch you a lot of find power.

Playing memory games

Subconscious mind is also related to memory. It might happen that you forgot something in the conscious mind, but when you are dreaming, you can remember that particular item, as the subconscious mind remembers state, but it cannot handover the information to the conscious mind when necessary. If you want to strengthen your subconscious mind, you should also try to send in your memory by playing a number of memory games, which are available.

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